“Art Handler’s Christmas Tree Topper” Box cutters, exacto blades, circular saw blade, approx. 12″ x 12″, 2019. Exhibited at Bravin Lee Programs, NY in “Ho Hum All Ye Faithful” Now In the collection of The Northern New England Museum of Contemporary Art (NNEMoca), Burlington, VT.
“Art Handler’s Christmas Tree Topper II (For Tommy Young)” Box cutters, box cutter blades, circular saw blade, approx. 12″ x 12″, 2020.

“Heavy Metal Pochade Box” Guerilla Brand Portable Painting box, black spray paint, heavy metal patches and stickers, a full palette of oil paint tubes, and an assortment of oil painting brushes and palette knives, 6″H, 10″W, 13″L, 2016.
“Coffin Bookcase (for Kelsey)” one of two coffin shaped bookcases made for Kelsey’s office/studio out of plywood and house paint, 2018.
A set of 5 Matryoshka dolls for Kelsey for Christmas. 2014. They are 5 of her favorite rock and metal frontmen. From left to right: Matt Pike (High on Fire), Michael Hutchence (INXS), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), and King Diamond (Merciful Fate/King Diamond).